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Welcome to

Christa's Place

in St Ingbert


Welcome to
Christa's Place in St Ingbert

Like living in your own home, close to the pedestrian precinct


St Ingbert is a small town situated east of Saarbrücken, the capital city of the Saarland in Germany's southwest, close to France and an hour's drive from Luxembourg. Frankfurt's popular airport is less than a 90 minute drive and the Rhineland Palatinate less than half an hour away. Ideal for the Saarland University, Sankt Ingbert Innovation Center, holidays in the Bliesgau etc.

Three floors to live in and enjoy


The house is an ideal size for a single person, a couple or up to a small family of 4 people. Short and long term accommodation available.


Step into the light 

St Ingbert is the 5th largest town in the Saarland. The Saarland became the 10th of the Länder to join then West Germany in 1957 after having been a French Protectorate since the end of World War II. It is a vibrant town with much to offer in terms of culture, commerce and cuisine life.


About Christa

Hello, my name is Christa Wakeford and I'd like invite you to stay at our home in St Ingbert, in the southwest of Germany. Only a short walk from the pedestrian precinct, it is surprisingly quiet and cosy. Napoleon is responsible for the name of the street, the Kaiserstrasse was part of the connection between Paris and Mainz.

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